Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to make Camera & Light animation by Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Aurora 3D Animation Maker released a new version to let the users make 3d camera and light animation to create more stunning 3d animation effect.  So, you can learn how to make these animation by this tutorial, the animation functions added on the key-frame timeline, that’s easy to use.
1. We can create a text in the rendering window and change it font and style. Before we haven’t camera animation, we need to make many key-frame to make it move, but now we don’t need make many key-frame, just use camera animation to do it.
2. Select the text and choose “Camera Ani” from the animation list at the left of the timeline.
3. Move the time pointer to the beginning, and click add camera key-frame button. Then set the position and rotation value as you want.
4. Then move the time pointer to the next time, and click camera key-frame button again.  Set another position and rotation value. You can follow this step to make the camera key-frame one by one.
5. When you finished the camera animation, you also can add the light animation to it. You can choose a “Light Ani” from the animation type list.
6. Move the time pointer and click the light key-frame add button, then adjust the value of the light, then add another light key-frame at another position on the timeline.
7. Finally, you can play the animation and look the effect. Use camera animation function is better, because you can change the text without any animation adjust.
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