Friday, March 4, 2011

Greate 3D Title Animation Software: Aurora 3D Animation Maker

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Greate 3D Title Animation Software: Aurora 3D Animation Maker

When we do video editing or web design, it will think the text needs a cool animation to highlight the description of our content. Or do we need to show a logo in the video, then, a simple-to-use 3D animation software is your best assistant.


Aurora 3D Animation Maker Demo:

1, key frame animation 


Way of key frame animation software, simple and flexible. Does not require complex animation, everyone can create beautiful 3D animation. 

Use one timeline to produce all the animation. 

A key frame contains all the objects in the scene animation attributes. 

Key frame is automatically set, just need to find the location of the timeline, and then all the objects can be freely adjusted to the desired state, key frame automatically generated, easy to create animation. 

Flexible to use, simply by adjusting the length of the animation, adjust the animation speed. 

2, animation, special effects 

Software provides a variety of animation effects, greatly enriched the beauty of animation degree.

Variety of particle effects: include: fireworks, smoke, snow, flame, space and so on. 




Movement of various animation effects include: Linear, Quad, Cubic, Quint and so on. 


3, the animation output 

We can output video formats, including animation (avi, flv, mpg), Flash (swf), Gif animation, or image sequences (png, tga, bmp). 

In this way, we either used in video editing, web production can greatly enhance our efficiency, improve our results. 


I believe you will Love it! Don't Miss it.

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Greate 3D Title Animation Software: Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Aurora 3D Animation Maker