Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aurora3D Software New Version Published

Aurora 3D Presentation 2011

1. Add a sample of 3d presentation, Maldives scenery and Ferrari 456Italia.

maldives InteractivePresentation_458Italia

2. Add video type background, you can select a video background. Add more video and image background.

image_background video_background

3. Add asian text file name support.

4. Presentation can export a single executable file.

Maldives Scenery Interactive Presentation  10.7M Download

Ferrari 458 Italia 3D Interactive Business Presentation  Download

5. Import more format model, like 3ds, obj, blend and so on.


6. Add tooltip action in interactive event.


7. Software GUI support 1024x768 resolution.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker and Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

1.Support export transparent flash.

2.Support Arabic text.


3.Import more format model, like 3ds, obj, blend and so on.


4.Add Software Anti-Aliasing when export.

5.Software GUI support 1024x768 resolution.

6.Add correct aspect ratio option when set render size. if you find project size is not like original designs.  please select the option or unselect this option.

7.Modified that open template project doesn't need set render size.


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