Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker New Release!

New Version Description:


You can distort any shape and text in the x/y/z axis.

The types of deformation: Sector, Outer Curve, Inner Curve, Arch, Heave, Sunken, Banner, Wave, Fish, Add, Trapezium.

You can be any deformation of a surface as a reference, and adjust the Intensity.


 Relative to adjust the text

Adjust the position and rotation of text relative to the Frame. When the shape distorted, this feature is very important.

Text can also be adjusted according to the letter.



Lights, shapes and text can be animated.

Lighting around the x or y axis can be rotated.

Shape and text animation there are many types, including: Rotate, Swing, Beat, Wave, Fade, Typewriter, Pulse.

Each type can adjust the direction and speed, and other parameters.

Provides a single letter to be animated by the way.

Download the new version: http://www.presentation-3d.com/download/maker-3d-download.html

You will have a big surprise.

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