Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How To Create a Real Cool 3D Logo

3D technology to mature in recent years, produced a stunning 3D logo is a lot of companies and individuals new choices, but the complex 3D authoring tools, making the most non-professionals can not easily complete a true 3D logo, or as tools Restrictions, and can not be achieved.I introduced the 3D sign making method uses the tools are: Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker, the purpose is to let you know how to render in real time using a very short time make they want 3D logo. First of all, access to the software interface, the template selection dialog will pop up, here is the option to create logos, text or button template. (Of course, this software also produced excellent text and button functions, and then have time later to introduce.) We chose the third identifies the first line of the template, this is a great sense of identification technology. Final results are as follows:
1、Production methods are as follows: Software on the left toolbar select the "arc", and then hold down the Shift key (the same width and height), click the production of the black window, drag the desired size.
2、In the right side of the "Properties" bar, switch to the "shape" window, in Arc Properties to adjust the “Start Angle” to 90, “Sweep Length” to 270, “hole” is 0.88, in the "Size" to adjust the “Depth” of 5, my width and height are 50, you can adjust.
3、Switch to the "Color" settings window, select the “Shape” radio button, adjust the shape of the color and texture. I've chosen is white, the texture is selected in the second row down Effect9,Reflection and Mirror options and check This will make our logo look more like metal. Of course you can also choose the texture, highlighting the different effects. Setting is completed, we click on the color above the "Copy to bevel" button.
4、Then we copy this arc a few, you can first press and hold the "ctrl" key, and then click arc drag, you can use the Tools button on the top screen to copy and paste.Switch to the "shape" menu to copy the arc, Arc Properties to adjust the “Start Angle” to 180, “Sweep Length” to 70, “hole” is 0.88. In the "Size" to adjust the width and height are 36.
5、Copy again, the copy of the arc, Arc Properties to adjust the “Start Angle” to 0, “Sweep Length” to 95, “hole” is 0.88. In "Size" adjust width and high are 44.
6、Ensure that all shapes Pos are 0,0,0, in the left toolbar, select the “sphere”, hold down Shift, drag the desired size.In "Shape" window, the Scale of the “Z” adjusted to 0.5, in the "Color" option, select the Red, RGB: 255,0,0, texture select the first line of the fourth.
7、Select all shapes, right-click and select "Group", click on the red rotate manipulator, moving the mouse up to the appropriate location.
8、 Export into Png file, import into photoshop.
9、Photoshop, we import the logo as part of the work, and its modification, and completion of our work.


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