Friday, January 14, 2011

How to create beautiful 3D icon

Now introduce you how to do a beautiful 3D icons, three buttons you usually do think of using 3DMax, Maya, C4D and other tools, these tools are very complex and expensive; or use diffuse color print production software used to simulate 3D effects, such too much trouble and can not be made to achieve true 3D texture Now I will explain how to use the Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker to quickly create realistic 3D effect of the icon. The final result:
1.New File, select New on the File menu, you can choose a template and then edit, now let's New Empty;
2.Add the shape, the shape of the left click, then drag in the window, add a circle and a sphere;
3.Editing text, select the double click or F2 enter the circle of your own text, such as: YOUR TEXT;
4.Set the style, the right of the Style Properties property page, select the text style you like, or you were in the Color property page set Face, Bevel, Text, Outline of the color and texture;
5.Adjust the text location, rotation, or through the 3D shape operator adjust the position and rotation properties page;
6.Output image, select the image you want to export save format (png tiff jpg bmp tga xpm ppm ico gif, etc.) and save it. Is not that simple Yeah, a few minutes you can make beautiful and innovative 3D icons. Download Link:Free Trial

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  1. Designers nowadays are trying to create 3D icons as minimalistic as possible to be "cool" and recognized. The biggest challenge of flat design is to rely heavily on colors, which is not always an easy task. Instead, having a full spectrum of tools like shadows, gradients, materials, textures is much handier when it comes to being creative. These are especially helpful in 3D design and can help create a completely new experience for the user.

    Veronica Segura
    Official Source